With our daily lives heavily integrated and dependent on social media, it’s hard to ignore the beautiful travel photography of foreign destinations filling the homepage of our daily feeds; from Facebook check-ins at the airport, selfies on the beach, or perhaps an Instagram photo of the local cuisine, every visual is a beckon for us to hop on the next plane.

Temptations got ahold of Vancouver-based Photographer Sam Lin and he packed his bags  for a two week journey across a country often praised for its raw, natural beauty. The following is a series of photographs highlighting his adventure in New Zealand.

A lonely lighthouse on the coastal hills

A moment of tranquility at the Christchurch Botanical garden

Cardboard cathedral at Christchurch designed by Shigeru Ban

Low hanging clouds amongst the lush rolling hills

New Zealand Photography Series X Pendulum Magazine

View of the hikers on Tongariro Crossing

Waiotapu thermal wonderland.

Beachside walk by the Cathedral Cove

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