spon·ta·ne·ous spänˈtānēəs/

happening or done in a natural, often sudden way, without any planning or without being forced

As much as I like to plan my adventures months in advance, the truth is that some of my greatest adventures are spontaneous ones.

I believe that the job of the photographer is to capture images that inspire and bring the viewer into the scene. To me, a good photographer seeks out rarely seen or unique images either by exploring new angles, places, and subjects or by shooting something everyone has seen before in a way that has yet to be seen.

This philosophy has taken me places and driven me to shoot in various conditions. One of these places has been the Canadian Rockies, which I’ve visited with friends somewhat spontaneously three times now.

My name is Ricardo Seah, I’m a Singaporean photographer based in Vancouver and these are shots from my spontaneous adventures to the Canadian Rockies.

Medicine Lake.

First visit to Pyramid Lake.

Second visit to Pyramid Lake.

The Rockies.

The Rockies.

Xmas Day. Minus 20 Celcius. 2am.

Xmas Day. Minus 20 Celcius. 2am.

A view of the Milkway in Jasper.

All photos courtesy of Ricardo Seah. 

View more of Ricardo Seah's work on his website, Ricardography or instagram @ricardography.