TOKYO || Yuri Suzuki

Life moves fast in a large city, and one can easily fall under an unconscious state of mind where you can lose grasp of reality. Lots of moving parts and people going every which direction. In a city like Tokyo with a rich heritage contrasted with towering, innovative architecture, I believe that it is important to stop and appreciate the environment that you found yourself in.

Yuri Suzuki, a photographer based in Tokyo and Vancouver, captured the essence that makes Tokyo an urban yet historical metropolis. The following series of photographs highlights the busy capital of Japan.

The bustling Shinjuku District at night.

The lively streets of Shibuya at night.

The morning rush in Shibuya.

One can escape the sounds of the city in search of a quieter space and sight. The infamous Tokyo Tower as seen from a residential neighbourhood.

A closer look at the Tokyo Tower.

A short train ride takes you to Asakusa, where you can visit Tokyo’s oldest temple, Sensō-ji.

View more of Yuri Suzuki’s work on his website or on Instagram @yurilluminati.