HAWA BEIRUT || Airy Furniture Inspired by Lebanese Architecture

HAWA BEIRUT || Airy Furniture Inspired by Lebanese Architecture

The smooth, rounded curves have an immediate relaxing effect.

HAWA Beirut, a collection of light and airy furniture, is inspired by Lebanese architecture, specifically the arches that are a trademark of the culture’s heritage. You will see samples of the mentioned arches incorporated into historic architecture in Lebanon, from the Beiteddine Palace built between 1788 to 1818, to religious landmarks such as the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, also referred to as the Blue Mosque.

HAWA in Arabic language means a light summer breeze or even a deep love, a passion towards someone or something. With this guiding definition from the designer, it’s easy to see how the collection adheres to this guiding principle. Every detail from the fine lines to the delicate fabric portrays this feeling. Using light colours for the collection in a range of pastel hues also further solidifies the branding.

With its intricate details paying homage to the culture’s architectural heritage, HAWA Beirut creates a nostalgic yet harmonious reflection of their ancestors, continuing the communication between the past, present and future generations. The arches in the designs speak to the history, whereas other elements like the airy texture and sophisticated frame blends in modernity.

The collection is composed of two chairs, one up upholstery and the other one naked, a low flippable central (coffee) table, and a '‘paravent’ or a decorative separation panel.

The items are made of powder coated colourful steel with fabric, while the separation panel involves additional materials, adding decorative handmade silk braiding cords and tassels, treated pink marble and blown stained glass inserts realized through traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Though the paravent adheres to the collection’s airy design, the intricate design details are anything but simple. The mastery of the design is the skill to use numerous additional elements while maintaining a seemingly simple overall design.

The same applies to the flippable coffee table, with its fluid shape and design that gives it two different looks depending on which side its on.

Collections like HAWA Beirut serve to teach us that furniture design can encompass a much deeper meaning that just being aesthetically pleasing. It also shows how great design should not be complex; the beauty lies in the ability to make something complex appear simple, and HAWA Beirut has accomplished this down to the smallest detail.

Photos by BizarreBeirut