Tell everyone about it.

Seriously, go ahead. Tell everyone in your immediate vicinity about it. Tell your family, your friends, your colleagues, anyone who would listen, about your goals. What you will start realizing is that, the more you talk about it, the more people will know about it, and this helps you reach your goals in several ways. 

  1. You will feel accountable. Now that you have told everyone about it, you anticipate that the next time you meet, they will ask you "so how's that thing of yours going?" Now, would you prefer to answer "sadly, that didn't happen because..." or "it's going great, I've done A, B, and C so there's some great progress happening". Go-getters naturally want to save face, and once everyone knows about it, it will help them focus on attaining the goal. 
  2. Your friends will start talking about it. I can't count the number of times I've talked about different marketing services at my firm to my friends, and they had started their responses with "oh, I heard so and so is also interested in doing that, maybe you guys should meet". If people don't know what you do, they can't promote for you. 
  3. Your goal will seem less impossible. When I first started Pendulum Magazine as a passion project, I started telling everyone about my 'dream' to be a magazine publisher. Soon after that, I bought my first professional camera, which elevated the quality of our visuals, I started all of our social media, which connected us with contributors around the world, and everything started to fall into place. When you know whee you want to go, you will take steps in that direction.

So there you go. A secret that is not so secret. You just have to make the world aware of your ambition, and then start walking in that direction. 

Here's your first task, tell five people this week what your goal is. Good luck!