HOTEL SERIES || A Chic Stay for Business Travellers at CitizenM Paris Charles de Gaulle

On our last evening in Paris before returning to Canada, we stayed at the chic and lively CitizenM Paris Charles de Gaulle Hotel. What a treat.

While some would fuss over the lack of a formal reception desk for check-in, the check-in process is made a breeze with several self check-in counters. You even create your own card key with a convenient scanner. For business travellers who are constantly waiting in long line ups to check in, here you can operate on your own time.

There's a business lounge area equipped with sleek Apple monitors and bookcases flanking the seating area filled with interesting trinkets and decor pieces. 

The lively chatter and posh surroundings made us want to grab a seat in the busy dining area right away, but we decided it's probably best to drop off the 50-plus kilograms of luggage before settling in for a meal.

The room was simple and brightly-lit, with a frosted glass module housing the shower and bathroom. The sink was outside the bathroom, making it easy for one person to get ready outside as the other is showering, a nice to have for those travelling with a companion. It also helps that the hotel understands what's important to a tired, weary traveller - a super-sized king bed. A great mattress is definitely a game changer and made me forget about the otherwise 'smaller room' some reviews mentioned. A creative detail we noticed is that the hotel created a shampoo and wash for daytime and nighttime - a nice touch that made us smile. The mood lighting in the room and the iPad operated smart system integrated with the TV also made us relax and allowed us to be lazy by pressing a bunch of buttons on the device.

We did eventually go back down to to the vibrant restaurant and lounge area, where fashionable guests looked to be enjoying themselves over food and drink. We inquired with one of the servers how we could order our food, and the server quickly showed us to the self-serve table, where a buffet-style layout allowed you to pick what you want to eat, and create your own meal, with added cost for a salad or dessert. Nearing the end of our trip we were actually extremely grateful for simple choices in comparison to an elaborate 3-course meal. Of course, staying at a hotel packed with travellers passing through Paris, you get to meet some interesting people; in our case we met Jeff from China, on a business trip for his company in the robotics industry.

Of course check-out was just as easy the next morning, we only needed to drop off the room keys and were well on our way to catch an early flight at 8am. CitizenM Paris Charles de Gaulle was a convenient, fuss-free experience and we feel other business travellers would appreciate their attention to detail as well. If you are passing by Paris for a few days, make your last night a relaxing stay at CitizenM Paris, right next to the airport for your convenience.