INTERIOR SERIES || Paris Marriott Charles de Gaulle

It is often when we are pressed for time and resources that we get creative.

Marriott Charles de Gaulle (CDG) is an example where the design team, Virserius Studio, faced such a challenge. They were secured in the beginning of 2016 to complete a redesign of the sales office, meeting rooms, ballrooms and attached reception area, to meet a deadline for large event that had already been planned at the hotel. 

Custom designed carpets and furniture add vibrancy to the meeting rooms.

Given the time and budget constraints, the design team had foresight to hire a German contractor for the project to meet the completion date in September, given most services shut down during August in France.

The result of nine months of labour is a luxurious, whimsical space that presents guests with a photogenic space destined to become a mainstay on social media. An ocean of large spheres and light lamps in different shapes and sizes sharing the same colour palette gives the space depth and texture. 

Distinctive floor-to-ceiling architectural elements and custom designed carpeting help to both break up and add consistency to the space.

The muted grey colour palette in multiple textures is consistent throughout each of the designed spaces, expertly integrated with the energetic, strong orange in the custom carpet and furniture pieces. In a vibrant space such as this, you are encouraged to dip into your creativity to craft and shape ideas that are outside of the box.

The sharp, geometric custom carpeting extends into the ballroom space, accented by orange triangles in a seemingly random, playful pattern. The words "meeting imagined" in rounded, cursive text gives the room a more relaxed vibe, and the circular lighting fixtures compliment this objective, with soft ambient lighting working with natural light from the windows to create a welcoming, dynamic space.

Hotel meeting spaces are evolving into a destination where companies and friends alike gather to share innovative ideas, and the meeting spaces should reflect this type of energy. Gone are the days of drab wallpaper, beige carpets in need of repair and dim, bulb lighting. With interior agencies like Virserius Studio leading the way, we expect to see many more of these immersive, lively spaces.