HOTEL BLOOM! BRUSSELS || Work, Rest, Play in The Experience Floor

Here, you can work, rest, play. 

Comfortable seating inviting guests to stay and linger.

Hotel BLOOM! an art-forward hotel located in Central Brussels, brings a refreshing approach to its space design. In today's world, where most meetings are held via teleconference or video calls, a meeting in-person calls for a unique setting. With this vision in mind, Hotel BLOOM!'s owners, Pandox, commissioned Virserius Studio, specializing in interior architecture and design, to create an engaging and playful space where one could spend their day. 

Contrasting textures and seemingly distinct spaces gives the spaces character. Note the playful characters expertly integrated into the backdrop, caught in action to give the space a sense of fluidity and action.

The work schedule was definitely tight, with the opening slated for Fall 2016 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the hotel, but Virserius Studio managed to draw upon its global team and expertise to create a colourful, whimsical space that would prove to attract hotel guests to spent more time inside than outside exploring. 

The best ideas come to us often when we are in a more playful, relaxed mindset, and this is the environment The Experience Floor Hotel BLOOM! provides. Art played an essential role in conveying creativity and crafting an engaging space in The Experience Floor, and the Virserius Studio team drew inspiration from Belgium's long and storied history with comics; the country is responsible for classics such as The Adventures of TinTin and The Smurfs. As we take a walk through the experience floor you can see how the comics are integrated with the flow of the space.


Friendly game of ping pong. Anyone?

Off the elevator, one of the first things you'll see is a sleek, inviting ping pong table. With the word 'PLAY' shining brightly in the background, we bet you'll pick up the paddle for an impromptu game.

Looking for the conference room? it's just a hop and a skip away - literally. The corridor leading to the conference rooms help attendees to enter a fun and create state of mind, a subtle but important detail that should not be overlooked. No one can force themselves to be creative if they have to sit in a cold, single colour room for a full 8 hours. We repeat. No one.

Therefore we can't stress enough how happy we were when we came upon The Experience Floor because our first thought was: "Oh! What a wonderful place to play!"

Bright, bold graphics adorn the conference room wall panels and lighting pieces share a similar aesthetic.

If a company is looking for a space to encourage new ideas, to brainstorm innovative strategy, The Experience Floor at Hotel BLOOM! in Belgium would be one of our top choices, because as the master of quick-wit Groucho Marx would say: "If you're not having fun you're doing it wrong."

A space with an energetic mix of colours and textures bound to lift your mood.