DI BEPPE || Cozy Cafe + Restaurant in Historic Gastown

It's been proven that colours impact our mood. 

It would be fair to say that a pop of yellow, orange or green helps to lift our mood on a cloudy day. Punchy colours and designs like lemon yellow, vibrant graphics and bright blue is an instant mood pickup.

We came upon this cozy Italian cafe and restaurant in the heart of historic Gastown as we searched for places we haven't tried before. The rustic exterior and lively crowd dining inside prompted us to enter. 

Taking a peek through the window connecting the cafe and restaurant space.

The cafe section is an airy space with high ceilings and dark window frames and cozy round tables for friends to gather over coffee and pastries. Single, rounded lights hang from the ceiling, sporting cute motifs. 

Round ceiling lights with eye-catching illustrations.

The combination of exposed red and white brick wall with vibrant paintings layered on top and framed with hanging greenery creates a casual yet intimate dining atmosphere, as friends lean forward in the cozy dining booths to share the latest happenings. It's an added bonus that the restaurants serves up tasty, homemade pasta and pizza perfect for sharing. 

Next time you visit the historic Gastown area in Vancouver, make sure to stop by to enjoy a dining experience in this hip space!

Vibrant paintings on top of the exposed white and red brick wall.