KETTAL OFFICE PAVILIONS || Creating Dynamic Workspaces

Kettal Group’s pavilions define a sense of purpose for open spaces.

Since its humble beginning as a family business established in 1964, the Kettal Group now has a presence in over 80 countries, with brand stores in Barcelona, New York, Paris, London, Miami and Marbella. The brand prides itself on European made quality with all of its products manufactured in the firm’s plant in a small coastal town 45 km from Barcelona. The in house manufacturing allows a close attention to detail, quality, innovation, as well as the ability to customize to meet clients’ needs, making each piece of furniture unique and exclusive.

Kettal Pavilions are implemented around the world to bring order to large, open outdoor spaces, providing shelter via a sleek and durable aluminum structure presented in over 30 aluminum and fabric colour finishes. Now, with office pavilions, the brand’s sleek designs will create dynamic, purpose-driven workspaces that retain a sense of openness.

Kiosk Pavilion.

Imagine walking into a new building with a vast lobby, placing a kiosk pavilion to serve coffee and pastries instantly anchors the space and transforms its purpose into a social gathering space. These kiosks can also be used to bring shape to other outdoor and indoor spaces such as parks, squares, cafés, libraries, hotel lobbies, train stations and offices.

Coworking Pavilion.

Another application of the Kettal office pavilions would be co-working spaces, which typically follow an open layout to facilitate interaction and communication to create a sense of community. The Office Pavilions are made up of movable walls capable of creating secluded rooms to optimize the acoustics in open-plan office spaces. The design follows a key value of co-working spaces - flexibility; while movable walls help to retain a sense of openness matching the look and feel of modern workspaces.

Office Meeting Room Pavilion.

Kettal Pavilions can also be used to created dynamic meeting spaces, fitting the on-the-go work mentality of the mobile generation. Teams can have standing meetings, move around the room to brainstorm on whiteboards and review a presentation on the large screen.

The wide array of colour and material finishes for walls and ceilings, including aluminium, wood, fabric and glass, as well as the integrated automation feature, makes this product as personalized as they come.

Pavilions can be used to established larger, ‘anchor’ spaces like a central conference room while respecting the existing structure of the space and minimizing the installation of solid walls within an open workspace. Draperies and sliding doors provide privacy when needed, while the mirrored doors keeps the office light and welcoming when the room is not in use.

Kettal Conference Room Pavilion.

For many cities where staffers commute by bike, the outdoor bike parking pavilion would be a thoughtful additional benefit, shielding the prized bikes from the outdoor elements in a stylish way.

For more information on Kettal’s custom design offerings, visit the Kettal Group website.

Bike Parking Pavilion.

Photos courtesy of the Kettal Group.