ARTISANAL DIM SUM || 1886 at Parq Vancouver

Step into 1886 at Parq Vancouver to experience the various elements of Chinese fine dining. We went by a few weeks ago to try their dim sum menu and to enjoy the fine dining atmosphere in their plush, velvet booths. 

To ensure we try a bit of everything from their extensive steamed, fried, baked, and dessert menu, we selected their shrimp dumpling, steamed egg yolk buns, baked turnip pastry, steamed rice rolls, duck and mashed taro puff, and steamed barbecue pork buns. The beautiful thing about having dim sum for lunch is you can order many dishes off the menu; dim sum is meant to be shared, which is why the Chinese prefer the dining tables to be round, to fuel conversation and to make it easier to share the small plates.

Pendulum Magazine 1886 Parq Vancouver Fish Caviar Siu Mai

While we waited, we were served a milk Oolong tea from Taiwan, which has a smooth and creamy texture and helped us settle in for a delicious lunch.

Pendulum Magazine 1886 Parq Vancouver

Imagine our excitement as the steamer baskets arrived one after another onto our table. As the server removed the lids, steam poured out along with the delicious aroma of fresh dim sum. The shrimp dumplings were supremely fresh, with an audible crunch as you bite through the fresh shrimp. 

Pendulum Magazine 1886 Parq Vancouver

The baked turnip pastry was another highlight dish both for its taste and artisanal craftsmanship. Its layer upon layer of intricate crispy pastry make for a satisfying bite. 

Pendulum Magazine 1886 Parq Vancouver Baked Turnip Pastry

The duck and mashed taro puff was fried to perfection, and the savoury goodness of the taro mixed with the tender duck meat makes you want to have all three pieces in one order to yourself. 

Pendulum Magazine 1886 Parq Vancouver Duck and Taro Mashed Puff

We also ordered several of the steamed rice rolls since the server mentioned today was the first day they were serving it, and all the flavours were fantastic, with the fresh shrimp steamed rice rolls being the standout flavour for us.

Pendulum Magazine 1886 Parq Vancouver Steamed Rice Rolls

Finally, we wrapped up our meal with two desserts, the steamed egg yolk bun and the red bean and coconut cream pudding. If you prefer a hot dessert to combat the winter blues, the egg yolk bun with its runny yolk centre is a must. For a light and cool dessert, the red bean & coconut cream pudding is sweet yet light and pairs well with the milk Oolong tea.

Needless to say we left with our bellies full and our minds inspired by the beautiful dishes handcrafted by the dim sum chefs. If dim sum is already this good, we can't wait to come by and try their dinner menu!

Pendulum Magazine 1886 Parq Vancouver Menu