We think if someone ever wants to devour comfort food but still feel healthy about doing so, Green Leaf Sushi would be their first stop.

We made our trip early on a Friday evening at 6PM to avoid the infamous lengthly lineup at Green Leaf Sushi. Luckily we were seated right away, and ordered a few of our staple favourites. 

Our platter of goodness.

First was the Salmon Oshi Sushi, a menu item we tend to reach for whenever we see it available on a Japanese menu. It's a tasty blend of chewy Japanese rice, with a slice of salmon tucked neatly in the middle, topped with another slice of salmon and mayonnaise sauce, which is then seared with a small hand torch. It's a variation of traditional 'box' pressed sushi, which is served 'aburi' (seared) style. The slightly smokey smell and taste, along with the juices of the salmon mixed in with the melted mayonnaise is what makes this dish so tasty. To add a kick to each bite, a piece of Jalapeño lies on top of coat of mayonnaise. We also tried the Aburi Tobiko Roll with crab meat, cucumber, salmon, and fish egg, refreshing small bites that were less oily. 

Aburi Tobiko Roll.

Next up was the piping hot Kimchi Cheese Udon - where you get to eat healthy kimchi, mixed in with the melted cheese goodness and thin udon noodles all baked to perfection. Just look at that steam!

Last but not least we had the Tenderloin Beef Tataki, which was my favourite with its thick cut, marinated, crunchy onion slices and creamy mayonnaise sauce. 

Tenderloin Beef Tataki.

The four menu items more than satisfied both our appetites and we were able to enjoy the rest of our Friday evening bypassing lengthy food waits. Located on West Broadway near the Dunbar Street intersection, this is a great comfort food eatery for UBC students and Vancouver West residents! They also offer their menu on food delivery services such as Door Dash and Skip The Dishes, if you choose to take comfort eating to the next level and have it delivered to your door.


3416 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC

(604) 568-9406