Authentic Austrian Fare || Zum Fidelen Affen

“Hello!” - Anna met us at the entrance and we collectively piled into the cozy Zum Fidelen Affen restaurant, an iconic venue frequented by locals and tourists alike. On many evenings the restaurant is so busy it’s often hard to get a seat. 

One of the numerous cozy booths you will find in the restaurant.


As we began the morning over coffee and tea inside one of the booths and Anna, assistant to the manager, told us about the history of the restaurant, which dates back to 40 years ago. It began as a university bar, and retains its cozy, communal vibe with its rich, wooden rustic decor. Guests are often asked to share larger tables during busy times, and this usually results in delightful conversations and plenty of insightful travel tips from the locals. 

Michael and Nicole, the current owners, took over the restaurant 3 years ago and have maintained the charming elements and high quality of the authentic Austrian cuisine. Alex, the head chef, has been cooking with the team for 7 years. 

Chef Alex.

Chef Alex.


If you want to dine in a restaurant embodying an authentic, historical vibe, Zum Fidelen Affen is the place. The way the natural light falls over the cozy wooden booths, the central bar where patrons gather to order their drinks...even though we were there early in the morning, it was easy for us to envision the bustling activity and traffic that descends upon the restaurant each and every night. 


Simply the best. Chef Alex had come in early that day to prepare three traditional dishes for us to enjoy, including the Wiener Schnitzel served with cranberries. Traditional Beef Goulash with White Bread Dumplings, and a dessert that presents an other-worldly texture, the Topfen - Nougatknödel.

We were pleasantly surprised by the 'endurance' of the thin, crunchy layer of the Wiener Schnitzel, remaining crispy and delicious despite us taking 15 minutes of photos prior to consuming the dish. We told Michael about how impressed we were with the quality of the Wiener Schnitzel and he told us the dish tastes delicious even when consumed cold!

The Wiener Schnitzel with the best texture we have ever come across.

The Wiener Schnitzel with the best texture we have ever come across.

The Traditional Beef Goulash is a scrumptious, satisfying menu item for those who are hungry. Packed with flavour and paired with a rich sauce, you will wipe the place clean with the accompanying white bread dumplings. 

Piping hot Beef Goulash.

Now, for dessert, prepare your taste buds. the curd cheese dumplings are coated in sweet bread crumbs, and offer a chewy, textured vessel to contain the sweet nougat inside. Dip it in the berry sauce for a medley of sweet and tangy flavours you won't soon forget. We should also note that the dessert menu is thoughtfully inscribed onto a rolling pin!

A dessert that will make you want seconds.

A stop by Zum Fidelen Affen is a must if your Europe trip involves a stop in the city of Mozart. After all, who can say no to tasty, handcrafted comfort meals and a dining environment where one can expect to encounter new foreign friends?

Zum Fidelen Affen

Priesterhausgasse 8, 5020 Salzburg, Austria