THE WORLD'S BEST DEVILLED EGGS || Bistro Jeanty Napa Valley

You will want to eat everything off the menu. 

Vibrant potted flowers line the windows at the entrance, and the front room is decorated with whimsical art pieces, animations, and various trinkets that make the dining atmosphere uniquely cozy and welcoming. 

Pots line the wall.

Though there were four of us, we still had a tough time settling on seven dishes. You read that right. Seven. 

Amongst our final selections were several shared appetizers and a rich and flavourful beef bourguignon. Our friendly waiter recommended their signature item, the tomato bisque, topped with a buttery, flakey pastry, which meshed perfectly with the creamy tomato soup. If the flakey pastry isn't enough to soak up the tasty soup, the warmed bread basket would be a great backup for you to savour every last drop. 

Crême de Tomate en Croute

The highlight of my dining experience were the truffle devilled eggs. The whipped egg yolk was unbelievably creamy, and the scent of truffle paired with a sprinkle of chives made for a heavenly combination. It would be hard to find another dish that would top this one. 

The world's best deviled eggs. 

Next we had the Rillettes de Canard (duck confit & goat cheese pate), which was served in a glass jar, flavourful and hearty. We also ordered the Steak Tartare, which is ground to order (not cooked) and served with croutons. A raw egg is balanced delicately atop the meat, and the mix of raw egg with the tartare gives it an extra smooth texture and tones down the taste of the capers. The dishes come in generous portions, so make sure you to bring a few friends to enjoy it all!  

The Salade Mâraichère. Green bean salad with warm goat cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, and honey vinaigrett.

Since we had already devoured five appetizers and polished off two bottles of wine, we were already stuffed, but we made extra room in our stomaches for one main course - the Boeuf Bourguignon. The sauce was perfect for mixing with noodles, so we decided to enjoy one gluttonous evening and asked for two orders of the buttered egg noodles. This might have been the best decision ever, as the sauce was the perfect dressing for the noodles. 

When we finally finished our feast and it was time to return to our hotel, we still wanted to stay and eat and drink more. It was a fantastic opening meal to our Napa Valley trip, and set the tone for all the additional delightful culinary experiences we would have for the next several days. 

Our final note would be to encourage you to dine at Bistro Jeanty for its friendly service and delicious Italian comfort food. Most of all, you must try their devilled eggs if it's on their special menu - you won't regret it! 


6510 Washington St, Yountville