Lunch with the Locals || Brasserie Colette in Munich

Munich is a colourful city - we especially love the laid-back vibe, where you will the beer halls packed by mid-morning on a weekend and servers are just as laid-back, bringing beers to the table one at a time. 

However, we soon discovered that we were limiting ourselves to the Munich tourist area and not exploring the full array of scenery Munich has to offer. Cue our visit to Brasserie Colette, a restaurant nestled amongst a local neighbourhood roughly a 30-minute walk from the tourist area. You could definitely drive, but then you would miss the laughter of the children on the playground, the local folks gathered at the cafe sipping their morning coffee, and all the other details of observing a local habitat.

When we arrived, it was around 1:30 in the afternoon, and the restaurant still had a few tables chatting away after the patrons had finished their lunch. We love how people simply enjoy their meals in Europe, it's not just a place to eat, it's a place to gather.

We browsed the menu and decided on the set lunch menu, with an appetizer, entree and dessert. Bread arrived at the table and the butter was stamped with the restaurant's logo - a nice touch. We were then surprised with a full jar of pickles, which my companion loved, and is a great way to open up the appetite. 

For our appetizers we opted for a combination of light and heavy, with a refreshing and light salmon dish flavoured with hints of wasabi, and a fried camembert cheese dish to dive into the more intense end of the spectrum.

Next, we had the cod and duck confit for our mains, and the duck confit's exterior was crunchy yet the skin and meat retained much of the juices. 

We finished our meals with the pistachio cake and chocolate tart, both served with tangy raspberry sorbet to balance the sweetness to ensure the closure of the meal wasn't too heavy. 

While the food was tasty and the set menu well thought-out and balanced, the interior decor also captivated our attention, and nowadays the dining ambiance is of utmost importance, as the food and dining atmosphere go hand-in-hand to create an experience.

We were told by our server that the seating booths featured benches repurposed from one of the local trains, and we could still see the previous markings on it. The pops of colours from the cushions of varying shades of rich green and textures complemented the cool wooden benches nicely. 

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By the entrance there's a semi-private area for group dining, backed by a tall shelf filled with trinkets and bottles of wine.

Individual tables are also meticulously set, perfected with small plates emblazoned with the restaurant's logo. The pattern on the glass cups reflected light in a mesmerizing way, and we will labour over finding the same design for our own homes as we cannot forget its beauty. 

If you are looking to experience a quiet meal and enjoy a leisurely stroll to get there, we recommend Brasserie Colette as a getaway from the predictable touristy activities during your stay in Munich, Germany.


Brasserie Colette

Klenzestr. 70, 80469 Munich, Bavaria, Germany

+49 89 23002555