CHASING SUNSETS || Dinner In The Sky

You can catch the sunset atop a mountain, on a yacht, in a park, on the beach...but have you seen the sunset while suspended 100-ft in the air? 

This is possible for a limited time in North Vancouver, with Dinner In The Sky Canada and Travelzoo Canada, one of the world's largest curators of premium travel experiences at insider prices. There is a 50% off promotion for this sky-high, elevated dining experience with award-winning Executive Chef Ned Bell. 

As part of this premium dining experience, you enjoy:

  • Appetizers and a glass of sparkling wine at the ground-level in the VIP lounge prior to departure;

  • An Oceanwise, local and sustainable 3-course menu by Chef Ned Bell, with wine pairings for each course;

  • Premium B.C. wines and your choice of non-alcoholic drinks;

  • and an autographed copy of Ned Bell's "Lure: Sustainable Seafood Recipes from the West Coast"

Welcome champagne at the ground-level.

Inside Vancouver calls this "the most memorable meal you will ever have", and The Georgia Straight categorizes the Dinner in The Sky experience as a "one-of-a-kind foodie attraction [is] worth the dent in your wallet".

There are limited spots remaining on July 17th and 24th - so head over to this link for all the details and to reserve your spots at 50% off! 

An exclusive, ground-level experience before departure.

Crab and avocado mini sandwiches.

A 200-ft crane takes you 150-ft into the sky to dine with the beautiful sunset as your backdrop.

Safety harnesses ensure enjoy a safe, memorable meal.

The menu varies depending on the freshest ingredients available, but rest assured that all ingredients are local and sustainable, and thoughtfully crafted by Chef Ned Bell. Let's take a look at our elevated dining experience prepared by Chef Ned Bell and team.

For our first course, it was Ned's Famous Dungeness Crab Tacos with Miso, Maple and Radishes. We would be remiss not to mention the buttery avocado mix that delivers a perfect texture compliment to the crab. The dish is refreshing and light, a perfect opener to a delicious meal.

The spectacular thing about dining in the sky is that you enjoy a breathtaking, ever-changing landscape as you progress through the menu. As we settled comfortably into our seats with a glass of wine and our first course, the skies are a pretty mix of blush pink, coral peach and blue. 

The horizon as we first settled into our position 150-ft above ground.

Our second course was Locally Raised Pacific White Shrimp Lime, Vanilla & Black Pepper Butter. Our host remarked on the 'smokiness' of the shrimp, and the meat was rich, buttery and delicate to taste. 

Langley locally-grown shrimp from Berezen Shrimp.

Throughout the evening as we savoured each bite, Chef Ned Bell would share stories of how he sourced his ingredients and the impact of our actions on the environment. He says that with 'cheap food', there is always a party paying the price, whether it's the farmers, the environment, or another component in the process. His stores will encourage you to cherish the food we consume, and how we source of our ingredients.

Our Main Course for the evening was a generous portion of Wild Pacific Halibut with Little Neck Clam Broth and Black Truffle Foam Fennel Pollen. This dish presented a perfect medley of flavours - the texture of the halibut was firm yet tender, the truffle foam exuded aromas that enticed our sense of smell, adding an extra layer of experience, and the corn was prepared to be slightly smokey and crunchy. Just revisiting the dish by memory makes one's mouth water.

The blazing sunset in the background as we neared the end of our 3-course meal.

Our dessert course is simple but extremely indulgent and delicious - a cup of Okanagan cherries and chocolate with crushed nuts to add texture. I usually shy away from chocolate desserts fearing that they would be too sweet, but adding juicy, large cherries balances out the sweetness of the chocolate, and I may have inquired about seconds (or thirds). Chef Ned Bell had picked each cherry himself, making a stop at one of the farms he saw during his trip to the Okanagan.

At the end of our experience, we returned to the ground-level VIP lounge, where Chef Ned Bell kindly autographed a copy of his cookbook, 'LURE', for each guest. This book is now an inviting read for our clients, friends, and colleagues whenever they visit our office, sitting atop our new coffee table in the reception area.

After partaking in the Dinner In The Sky dining experience, we would have to say that it is definitely one of the books and a checkmark off our bucket list (we didn't even know dinner in the sky would be an option, but thanks to Travelzoo Canada for stretching our minds with this hosted experience!) If you have a special occasion coming up, like a birthday or anniversary, Dinner In The Sky is one of the few options to provide a truly unrivaled and memorable experience.

There are only two more dates for you to enjoy this exclusive VIP experience with Chef Ned Bell at 50% off, courtesy of Travelzoo Canada's partnership with Dinner In The Sky, on July 17th and 24th. Visit this link to reserve your spot today. 

Chef Ned Bell with Chef Evan Elman on his team.

Photos: Florence Leung