With cherry blossom season fast approaching, the beauty of these florals infiltrate our senses, not only with its beautiful blossoms lining the streets, but it has also made its way into our everyday food indulgences through relaxing tea creations, such as this Cherry Blossom Tea Set by Tea Leaves. 

From mid-March to mid-April, we are treated to the beautiful Sakura season. The beauty of these flowers have become such a phenomenon that Japan has entire tourism site dedicated to planning trips for the Sakura season. All across the country, people lay out blankets in the park and enjoy an outdoor picnic in the sunshine with refreshing "biiru" (beer), part of their tradition during 'Hanami' (flower viewing).

Whenever I encounter Sakura inspired products, it reminds me of the splendid time I had living in Japan, and makes me long for another adventure to visit its beautiful, friendly cities. 

The Sakura Experience Gift Set.

If you have yet to come across the beautiful aromatic teas from Tea Leaves, luxury tea blender to Michelin chefs and five-star hotels, this will be a great starter kit for yourself or a tea lover in your social circle. My first tea purchase with the brand was for a Christmas flavour, aptly titled the Nutcracker, was a richly nutty flavour which made for an exquisite holiday treat. Who doesn't want to curl up with a cup of tea during the cold winter months to watch their favourite holiday movie for the hundredth time?

While the Nutcracker tea brought comfort and relaxation to the winter season, the Sakura Experience Gift Set highlights the sunshine, warmth, and serenity that comes with the spring season. A traditional matcha whisk is included with the set, so you can spend time relaxing with a traditional tea ceremony. 

The in-season Cherry Blossom Green Tea will be coveted item to add to your tea cabinet.

We can't wait to dive into this tea set and discover its various aromatic notes. We have always loved the creativity one can experience with tea, with its wide spectrum of flavours ranging from herbal to fruity, bitter to sweet, and its ability to mesh perfectly with dairy to create luxurious and creamy tea lattes.