NAPA VALLEY BRUNCH || Bouchon Bistro by Thomas Keller

The long lineups outside Bouchon Bakery throughout the day will be one of the first reasons you will feel enticed to try this eatery. 

The other reason, of course, is that Bouchon Bistro and Bakery is run by famous American chef Thomas Keller. The Thomas Keller Restaurant Group also runs renowned restaurant The French Laundry, where the restaurant offers two daily tasting menus where 'no single ingredient is ever repeated throughout the meal'. 

We opted for a more relaxed brunch meal at Bouchon Bistro, where the dining atmosphere is lively with energy, with guests gathering around the seafood bar, families snuggled around round tables, and sunlovers fighting for a spot on the patio. 

(left) Guests enjoy their brunch in a corner of the bar.
(right) staff serving up a plate of fresh oysters.

We were glad that there were four of us, allowing us to order more plates to share. We opted for the truffle croque madam, intensely flavoured with truffle cream spilling atop the egg yolk. We also ordered the pasta of the day and veal with sauerkraut. We even made space for a side of truffle fries!

Of the three main dishes we ordered, our favourite was the veal, perfectly cooked while still retaining its meat juices and tenderness. The outer skin was thin and crispy yet not burnt, and each bite was flavourful with the medley of textures of the juicy meat and crispy, crackling skin.

Following our meal at the bistro, we saw that for a rare moment there was no long lineup outside Bouchon Bakery next door, so we made the executive decision to grab some dessert as well. A classic croissant and a strawberries and creme scone made for a decadent combination of light, fluffy pastry and dense, buttery bites. 

Bouchon Bistro and Bakery is a must visit combination during your stay in Napa Valley. It's worth the trip even if you aren't staying in Yountville. Following your meal you can wander up and down the main street in search of various wine tastings to complete your food and wine tour. If this isn't the epitome of a perfect vacation day we don't know what is!