MIKU RESTAURANT || Fresh Summer Dining with a Harbourfront View

It should come as no surprise that the line up for a seat at Miku Restaurant is lengthy on both weekdays and weekends.

With an expansive harbour view looking off to the mountains, guests can enjoy delectable Japanese fine dining creations in an unparalleled environment. We spent a better part of a sunny morning on location, eagerly awaiting our introduction to the team’s latest spring/summer menu creations. As the pioneer of Aburi Sushi in Canada, Miku Restaurant continues to surprise and delight the industry with their team’s creativity.

The light and refreshing Aburi Hamachi Crudo is a lovely dish featuring Japanese yellowtail, tosaka seaweed, frisée, sansho cucumber vinaigrette, watermelon radish, compressed grapes, and citrus serrano coulis. The design of the dish encourages consumption of the fish along with the colourful greens, marrying the natural oils of the yellowtail with the fresh, crunchy texture of the greens.

Aburi Hamachi Crudo.

A dish that exudes beauty from all angles.

Whereas the Aburi Hamachi Crudo makes for a perfect starter plate for the table, the Aburi Prime would be the star of the show as the main course. The Aburi Prime collection is Miku Restaurant’s vision for the future of Aburi Sushi.

This premium nigiri selection features carefully selected seafood paired with elevated sauces and garnishes in order to create the perfect bite. Aburi Prime emotes the coveted omakase sushi experience on one plate.

Finishing touches.

Your palette will thank you for introducing it to some of the most exquisite flavours and ingredients part of the Aburi Prime experience, including Atlantic Lobster, Monkfish liver, seared brome lake foie gras, scrumptious Ō-toro, and the star of the show - A5 Japanese Wagyu topped with a dollop of uni. Delicate florals in vibrant hues complete the elegant presentation.

Here is the comprehensive list of delicious Aburi Sushi bites part of the Aburi Prime experience:

Fukuoka Miyabi-dai

monkfish liver, sweet soy reduction, shiso flower

Akami Maguro

seared brome lake foie gras, soy reduction, pickled wasabi, kiku flower


pickled ume, bonito flakes, green onion, ginger, konbu dashi gelée

Wild BC Sockeye Salmon

jalapeño miso aioli, micro red ruby mustard leaf

Kelp Cured Gindara

BC sablefish, pickled onions, yuzu zest, fresh citrus


yuzu daikon oroshi, baby arugula

Hokkaido Hotate

yuzu orange salsa, micro red shiso

Atlantic Lobster

herbed jalapeño dashi coulis, shiraga negi

A5 Japanese Wagyu

uni, micro dianthus

Head Sushi Chef Shingo Fujiwara proudly showcases his creations.

If you are celebrating a special occasion with your special someone, we highly recommend ordering two Aburi Prime experiences to avoid any quarrels arising from who gets to try which piece. This special dining experience would also be the perfect treat for a valued client for lunch or dinner to show your appreciation.

Larger groups can be accommodated in the spacious Blue Sky Private Room, which is best suited for groups of 12 or more. With a forecast of cloudless blue skies and sunny afternoons, we urge you to take a leisurely stroll over to Miku Restaurant to experience these two delightful culinary creations, we guarantee you won’t regret it.

The bright and airy dining room facing the harbour.


200 Granville St #70, Vancouver, BC


(604) 568-3900

Photos by Florence Leung

The Blue Sky Private Dining Room is suitable for groups of 12 or more.