WEST RESTAURANT || Fine Dining Perfected by Genuine Hospitality

True hospitality is when the entire service team reads the room; the entire team works together to provide attentive service, not just your dedicated server. 

 While they do check periodically about the signature dishes and dining experience, the collective team notices when a guest leaves the table for the restroom, has a personal request, or requires assistance with their jacket or belongings, and graciously adjusts the service according to these observations. Thoughtful conversation, handwritten cards to congratulate you on your anniversary, and chatting with your 5-year old are all actions originating from the genuine, hospitable attitude of the team at West, where everyone is caring but not overbearing. 

This is why West remains one of Vancouver’s most sought-after fine dining restaurants; their patrons visit not just solely for the culinary delights featuring locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients, but also for the team's above and beyond hospitality.

Located along Vancouver’s iconic Granville Street with breathtaking views of the cityscape against the backdrop of the North Shore mountains, West is comfortably nestled within the bustling South Granville neighbourhood and home to unique boutiques, theatres and eateries that reflect the rich history and diversity of the West Coast’s terminal city.

Double-height, airy dining space.



Designed by Werner Forster, the interiors are airy and spacious, with double-height ceilings and skylights drawing in natural light to the depths of the rectangular layout, ensuring the elongated dining room basks in sunlight even in its deeper corners and nooks. The slivers of light cast an inviting welcome on the floor-to-ceiling wine storage lining one side of the wall next to and above the bar. A polished wooden ladder soars high, straddling the temperature-controlled wall of wine and wooden bins, where the restaurant’s finest wines lie in waiting.

Mullioned glass surrounds the kitchen, allowing guests a peek into the preparation process, where chefs delicately plate dainty florals as finishing touches onto appetizers and entrees. There are two ‘chef’s tables’ situated directly adjacent to the presentation kitchen, where guests are offered a ‘behind the scenes’ look into the action that goes into preparing the culinary experience. Large mirrors are placed along the length of the dining room, creating the illusion of a wider dining space. 

Chairs are majestic and roomy, inviting guests to sink deeply in and enjoy their dining experience over multiple courses. 


Executive Chef Bobby Milheron began his culinary journey in the Maritimes, and saw an opportunity to travel west to learn, travel and gain experience along the way, whereby his travels took him to the beautiful City of Vancouver.

When I moved to Vancouver, it was still very early in my culinary career so there were lots of different ingredients that I had never had the opportunity to work with before. I was very eager and determined so I worked hard and stayed focused to follow my aspirations. As far as differences in cuisine, I feel Vancouver was just more forward-thinking with a lot more restaurants focusing on refined cuisine.
— Executive Chef Bobby Milheron

Over the years, he has cultivated relationships with local farmers and suppliers, and is an ardent supporter of the local community; such connections allow West to bring in some of the freshest, locally-grown produce. For this summer season, the menu features tasty local corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and blueberries. With high quality ingredients, Chef Milheron shares that it is important to keep things simple and respect their natural flavours. 

You can see this philosophy reflected in the dishes showcased in the menu, and we were fortunate enough to see the prix fixe menu preparation in action and sample some of the delicious creations.

Garlic milk buns.


 This is a classic style of beef tartar presented slightly differently with crackers made from anchovy and potato starch.  Beautiful garlic scapes from Mikuni Wild Harvest were preserved in the spring for use throughout the rest of the year. The mayo which garnishes the top of the tartar is made from hay from a local farm, which we smoke very heavily and then infuse with oil; this oil is then used to make the mayo.

 Overall this is a flavourful and thoughtful dish that considers how each element of the dish contributes to the overall taste and texture of each bite.

Recommended Wine Pairing by Owen Knowlton, Restaurant and Wine Director: 

Beaujolais is a classic pairing with beef tartar and for this one I would recommend a Cru Beaujolais from the village of Morgon made by Calot.

Beef Tartar.


The octopus is Oceanwise and locally caught from F.I.S.H. To highlight this quality ingredient, the octopus is prepared by simply scrubbing with salt and poaching until tender, upon which is it finished on the grill. The green Romesco sauce is made from parsley, cilantro, grilled poblano peppers, toasted almonds and hazelnuts that are all blended and emulsified. The simple preparation retains the delicate flavours of the octopus and the grill adds a smokey flavour to each bite.

Recommended Wine Pairing by Owen Knowlton, Restaurant and Wine Director:

Octopus makes me think of Portugal and the light fun and fruit white wines of Vinho Verde make an excellent pairing. Muros Antigos Alvarinho Vinho Verde Portugal is my pick.

A taste of the ocean.


The duck is prepared in the kitchen beginning two weeks before the meat is used for dinner service. This allows the meat to have ample time to ‘dry’ naturally, resulting in the extremely tender, juicy duck breasts used for this dish. 

The duck is sourced from a family-owned farm in the Fraser Valley that’s simply aged on the crown so the skin renders out crispy. It’s served with kohlrabi and Cherry Land Farms Swiss chard. The apricots are preserved from the Okanagan each summer so they can use them throughout the winter. 

Recommended Wine Pairing by Owen Knowlton, Restaurant and Wine Director:

Stoller Pinot Noir from Dundee Hills in the Willamette Valley of Oregon offers the perfect balance of sweetness and earthiness for this decadent dish.

Adding flavour.

Perfecting the finishing touches.

Juicy, crispy skin.


A light and refreshing dessert to top off the dining experience, the Buttermilk Panna Cotta sits nestled within sweet strawberries bursting with juiciness. The sweetness is counterbalanced with a hint of basil, and strawberry sugar brittle adds crunch and texture to round out the flavours. Ending the meal on the perfect summer note!

A visit to West Restaurant is guaranteed to be memorable both for its delicious culinary line-up and genuine hospitality. For visitors and locals alike, this dining destination rates highly on all aspects; make sure to stop by on your next visit to the beautiful West Coast!

Fresh blooms on the counter.


2881 Granville St, Vancouver

(604) 738-8938


Photos by Florence Leung