NORMANDY || Sarah Arnould


Far from home but so close, I had never visited Normandy before.

Etretat in particular. These white chalk cliffs had been making eyes at me for a long time... The atmosphere so special that this place gives off, is just as I imagined it. An almost separate world that transmits a beautiful part of its history to us.

Changing weather, often misty, can reveal the bright blue of the sea when the sun appears. Walking along the cliffs to hope to find fossils can last for hours, and without taking care of it takes us back to a distant past.

Nearby Honfleur, as cute as the name it bears, makes us discover in every corner of the street houses with red bricks and crazy charm!

From small traditional cottages to the cosy tea room, everything is there to make us fall in love, I think.

I often think of these pebble beaches, the warmth of a fireplace while enjoying a glass of cider and a piece of camembert! A delight.

The Norman countryside and its typical cows, Honfleur and its old port, the cliffs of Etretat... It was when I thought I could leave the south of France to live here that I knew that this region had touched my heart.


The Chanel - Etretat

Along the cliff - searching fossils

Along the cliff

Antifer Lighthouse

At the edge of the cliff - Etretat

L’école buissonnière - Tea room and hotel

All Photos by Sarah Arnould

Cover Photo: Honfleur Harbor